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[md100sq] icons100: Alex Krycek: Batch #09 [Jun. 25th, 2009|11:11 pm]
Nicholas Lea fixation community



Fandom: The X-Files
Character: Alex Krycek
As Portrayed By: Nicholas Lea
Batch: Batch #09, icons 081-100
; credit required. (When you upload the icon to LJ, add "by: <lj user=curi_o> @ <lj user=model_deviance>" to the comments field.)
; comments mandatory.
; editing prohibited. (Alteration requests accepted.)
; hotlinking forbidden.
; prompt is under icon. (Sorry for the confusion.)
; livejournal only. (Ask me before using on dreamwidth or any other site.)
; leave a comment to let me know how you found me. (It helps me know where to post update alerts.)
; look for the alternates post for the second half of the the table and a post of unused Alex Krycek bases coming soon.

081: Artist's Choice 082: Artist's Choice 093: Artist's Choice

( Word on the street is he's back from the dead. He's a regular Houdini. )