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[mdbasics] 002: 293 Alex Krycek icon bases [Jul. 19th, 2009|04:03 pm]
Nicholas Lea fixation community



Theme: The X-Files' Alex Krycek (portrayed by Nick Lea)
Count: 293 bases from seasons 2-9
; I swear this is the last thing.
; This post is image-intensive and is not dial-up friendly. If this is poses a problem, contact me for an alternate solution.
; You may recall my recently completed Alex Krycek icons100 table. In preparation for that project, I scoured the internet for all of the screencaps and other images I could find (My sources are listed after the post.), then proceeded to crop the most interesting into icon-sized bases. I now have a number of unused bases that I hope someone will be able to use.

( Resistance was futile then; why would it be any less so now? )