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Nicholas Lea Fixation community

showcasing the works of Nick's talented fanbase

Nicholas Lea fixation community
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This is a community in conjuction with the Nicholas Lea Fixation. I hope to have fanart challenges here (icons, blends, wallpapers...), as well as general discussions, comments, reviews, poems, etc. about Nick.

Wondering what a "Fixation" is? Check out their network website, and their community, getyourfix

I hope to use this community to gather all of Nick's fanart-creating fans from LiveJournal in one place to share their work.

It's also my hope to archive some of these works (with the artists' consent, of course) over on "Captivating."

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or post here and ask. :) This is an open-membership community, and non-members are allowed to post replies as well (even those without LJ accounts).

Thank you for reading!